Inebriated evergreens have busted the sky with all its aircraft and inhabitants.
The feeling of turning into serpents makes them queasy,
The idea of sticking to earth makes them laugh.
Language is just a perversion of the bark.



It is funny how the texture of
Falling clouds can change within seconds,
Would tell you a she-coyote.
It changes just between your fucking paws,
As if you have eaten twenty three starships,
Crews, fuel and all.




A fox and a dove have dropped their fables into a creek.
They have been listening to the drummer in
The center of the sun for too long.
They count the statues of primordial animals
That sleep in cracked rusty bowls day by day
Til their heads begin to throb. They wear human masks,
To lose the feel of their hair and feathers.
It is a pleasure to be nameless in this world.


There is a dying drummer in the middle of the sky.
The golden hands of beings called Awhile,
At, And, Along and After carry him away
Into the darkness which is someone’s face.
Afraid to sing, they see no bird, no blade of grass, no tree.
Afraid to lie, tombstones dance below.


“The relationship between the natural and the supernatural is in itself so problematic that it is of no consequence if there is some ‘cheating’ in the ritual during an invocation.” – Knud Rasmussen