Tierro with Bridget Law @ Whistlestop Park, 06/22/17


Tierro with Bridget Law is an incredible psychedelic band with no albums recorded, or at least I have no idea where I can buy them. You may find some of their live recordings on their facebook page or on youtube, there are some tracks on reverbnation too. This Rock & Rails performance in Niwot was something else.

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pure nonsense

“The presumption that composers could learn something from jazz and rock is pure nonsense. Technically, these idioms are about 50 years behind the times. You will pardon me for adding that I consider myself pragmatically, academically and chronologically qualified to make that statement.” – Harry A. Feldman, Music Chairman, N.Y.C.H.S.

A classical music buff in all his glory, ignorant, arrogant and opinionated. To his credit, he said that in the late 60s.