oedipus the aeronaut

In a tale for monstrous children and dead archangels
The blind Oedipus flew to China on the wings taken from that suicidal scoundrel bulging with riddles
And Death surrounded him like a cloak and kept him alive.
The journey was a breathtaking drag, the Sun blown by dragonflies,
No Olympian bullshit, there was
Neither Greek nor Chinese, Babylon fell long ago, only a bunch of Scythians captured by the Amazons
Chewed the strings of the balalaikas in the stinking dungeons far below,
And Mandelstam and Chieh Yu, both mad and peaceful now, were feeding tigers with the breadcrumbs
Stolen from their cellmates far away at the mouth of the Amur.
He flew to become a laughing stock for his incessant inarticulate harangues on objective reality,
To become a centenarian often seen lying on the roof of a tiny wooden wellhouse,
His ugly feet with the nails longer than scimitars touching the ground,
Staring at the Sun blown by dragonflies after Guan Yin returned his sight.

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