Some Native American guy from Sedona
Makes those rusty frogs out of scrap metal
And sells them for a song. People buy them
And put away in the basements to gather dust.
Later on: Darling, have you seen that metal frog
I bought in Sedona ten years ago? Nope.
Are you sure you didn’t leave it behind
When we moved from Louisville?
No one remembers. Nobody knows
Where they are now.

left hand shaped chair covered with snow in Niwot

Chief Niwot was left-handed, and the word niwot itself means left-handed. This is apparently the reason why you can see left-hand-shaped seats all around the town of Niwot now.

Whether Chief Niwot’s nails really looked so neatly trimmed or not, it’s up to you to decide. However much of Native American poetry I have read, I don’t know exactly how they used to deal with the growth of their nails.