* *

People build towns on hills.
They don’t care what Noah would think about them.
There is always a way to learn the age of the water,
Always a way to ask what it doesn’t like to keep hidden.
Noah is jealous like a thousand beavers in a meadow,
Dead like stranded fish. But Jonah builds Trojan whales
And leaves them on the highest mountains he can reach.
They rot for centuries exposing the empty guts
To the genial sun and astounded silent birds.
The void conquers God while the prophets relax below.
The higher you climb, the less your voice needs you.


violin too

no just think about jonah inside that violin
nearly deaf and smeared with whatever violins consume
smeared with no yes maybe and fuck you bastard
he doesn’t care about nor even sees his heart and hands
couldn’t care less about the enjoyment of god
and the sexual practices of the violin
he would use a sword or maybe he wouldn’t
would swallow his words or spit them out
but god will ask him finally: guess who is older
the trojan horse or the city of troy

{from the comments on tourists vs. travelers}