Dogs with the teeth and eyes lost
Sprawl on the liquid roofs, bound to hear
Screams of prehistoric birds wrapped in the skies.
They don’t sense ghosts delivering dead butterflies
To the back door of the barbershop.
But it is certainly possible, they think,
To heal the shy by clipping God’s hair
In front of them. Would you listen to
The screech of the shears?



when i donated to the construction of the tower of babel
it was supposed to be transparent
invisible to god and more importantly to dogs
now they have pissed all over the plain brick walls
and the dusty shoes of the poor pundits that sit at the entrance
incessantly arguing whether the creatures
are barking the same language or not

i didn’t give them much money anyway
next time i’ll donate to the local noise station

{from the comments on execution}


Neighborhood children teach dogs to
speak Spanish. Animal
control guys catch those savant mongrels
and crucify them
on the vacant lots. They chant
Gongora and Lorca
all the way to Hades, dreaming
of sausages made from
the flesh of aliens.

{after the comments on shunning}


The handyman came yesterday to install a new light fixture in place of the old one that nearly crashed on my head about a month ago, and to take a look at the crooked kitchen cabinet doors, loose closet doors, clogged gutters, etc. He rang the bell and, when I opened the door, I saw him standing on the porch with his back to me, holding our flower pot in his hands and shouting at the barking neighbor dogs: “This is enough, you bloody bastards! Keep calm! Why don’t you stop barking just for a change? Are you insane or what?” – And so on.

I could understand him. A half an hour later, when he was leaving, I wanted to pay him, but he declined the offer explaining that just after the Great Depression industrial workers usually didn’t accept the money until they had finished everything they were hired for, because, they used to say, if they did, they would certainly get drunk right away and would fail to appear at the workplace next morning. I could understand him about that too.

Money and poetry don’t exist,
water can’t fly, sugar is silent,
an infant girl always sits on a bench
with a burning doll on her lap.

A dog feeds itself on lukewarm stars
trying to avoid her stares. Dead trees
and stones speak straight to its bones,
it doesn’t have to listen.