of trees and butterflies

some jars in japan hold the sperm of ikkyu
and vomit of santoka taneda
substances sacred to nobody in the vicinity
but the tourists are usually so enthralled
that some of them attain samadhi on the spot
and later blow their hometowns as a result
be it kentucky or colorado
in addition to that
chinese peasants keep seeing the head of li bai
flying on its ears
everywhere from chu to mongolia
taoist sages grow snowflakes
and chuang tzu has planted his useless
cumbersome trees all over the planet
overshadowing missile silos
and preventing the astronauts
from seeing symbolic instructions
about republican intrigues on mars & venus
and in the parlor of jhvh also known as bddh
you see now? and it’s just the beginning
butterflies already create facebook accounts
all claiming to be the same invincible mr. chou
it is a tragic mistake to think about it
in the east-against-west paradigm
it isn’t even a nothing-against-everything
antiglobalist anti-consumerist crusade

{from the comments on execution}