Sitting on the void feeling alive like Elvis in
2049 sitting on the blood of slain dragonflies
listening to the dust buried in the raindrops of yesteryear



3 thoughts on “on

  1. when I talk to you on the telephone
    you seem just a tad rough
    and I think back
    when you asked me to store
    your 327 Chevy V-8 engine
    in my living room
    and you were soft spoken
    and gentle like a kitten
    those silly hairs on your chin
    you told everyone
    that you were growing a beard
    you were never the beard type
    but that crazy friend of yours
    something like “Lucifer”
    he was a real rooster
    they say that he had a conveyor belt
    in his personal undergarments
    a robotic member ready to salute
    was it “Piggley-Wiggley” ?

    anyway… back to you, Sunshine
    Laurie Anderson would never write a poem
    and include “dragonfly blood”
    Good Lord Baby Bird
    you are grammatically correct
    in the unwashed sense
    but the romantic world
    asks for gentleness
    (just think tiny hairs in a rabbit’s ears)
    ****if you live long enough
    we will paint another stag picture
    on the cave wall


  2. we can throw size outside
    but cleanliness, Baby Bird
    that horse needs all four legs
    just think
    poetry without a skeleton
    pre-fabricated words from Sears
    thoughts that inflict injury
    I miss your tomfoolery
    but most of all
    I miss your willy-nilly
    ****post-Dadaism or not


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