Inebriated evergreens have busted the sky with all its aircraft and inhabitants.
The feeling of turning into serpents makes them queasy,
The idea of sticking to earth makes them laugh.
Language is just a perversion of the bark.



6 thoughts on “bark

  1. inebriated evergreens that surround squalor
    holiday seekers from up north are unaware
    locals call them, “empty bottles”

    filthy magazines of inebriated evergreens
    words at the bottom of the pages
    the need for love among men

    laboratory experiments at the local church
    volunteers count swimmers under a microscope
    inebriated evergreens stand guard over bins of cum rags

    Baby Bird like Adam, itemizing parts of the trees
    intimacy from the top to the bottom
    licking the perversions of the bark


    • can you see the ears of a rabbit running through nonexistent forests in an empty bottle on the cover of the filthy magazine you are reading right now?

      i am sure you cannot, but they are more alive than elvis, bird and lenin taken together


  2. a hundred years too old to look at filthy magazines
    men and women with their underpants off
    playing games like wheelbarrow
    practice makes perfect
    just ask Bob Dylan
    in a limited number of words
    you choose to mention the ears of a rabbit
    is that extremely homosexual ?
    do you see me brushing my lips on the tiny hairs on the rabbit’s ears
    will I stick my finger inside the empty bottle ?
    will we take turns urinating in it ?
    just think how warm the bottle will get
    enough to think about Elvis
    enough to bring revelations out into the open


    • can you hear anything without being extremely homosexual? some rabbits can
      anyway i wouldn’t recommend you playing with empty bottles
      Elvis himself never even looks at them


  3. when you look in the mirror
    I can see your contorted features
    critical moments before death
    don’t waste a grain thinking of me
    or your relatives and loved ones
    just think of your exterior self
    have everything in order
    matching socks
    polished shoes
    the important
    clean lips


    • you probably don’t know that but Charon hates passengers with matching socks and everything else in order
      sometimes when he is especially touchy he might even throw them overboard


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