I know it’s hard to believe but one of your neighbors
Left 728 handmade books of poetry
Buried in the nearby grove.
One of them is dedicated to her enemies
And begins with the sentence:
We never know who our real enemies are.
She passed away last September being 334 years old,
Although she looked like she was 62.
She believed that somehow she managed to pick up
Long unsound messages from Lemurian monsters,
And she reproduced them as much as she could
In her latest books. Criminals,
Riffraff and popcorn vendors used to love her.



2 thoughts on “her

  1. baby bird,
    got some news for you
    it wasn’t one of my neighbors
    she was one of your neighbors
    CLUE: she was a graduate
    of the Arts and Design University
    of Cluj-Napoca, Romania
    CLUE TWO: she was into
    Contemporary Autobiographic Art
    Jesus Son, Autobiographic Art (?)
    Contemporary ……no less
    not that old fashioned crap
    where one pieces together bones
    or the cave family dress like clowns
    and speak Latin with a Spanish spin
    anyway, she was sort of average
    except for her enormous eyes
    I found it difficult not to stare
    she said that I was looking at her
    like a hungry predator
    apparently, she had crossed paths
    with a large number of hungry predators
    Romania (?)
    one gives and gives and expects
    nothing in return
    like dating a vampire
    anyway, being autobiographical
    she had a healthy slab of involvement
    with those handmade books of poetry
    although unsophisticated
    many reflected her personal history
    “an eloquence of words, moods, and orgasms”
    narrator-witness heavy poetry
    perilous finger play
    rim dives
    button pushing
    preacher-man pounding
    ecstasy of joy and then sorrow
    and baby bird,
    we’re talking Grand Canyon Sorrow
    the slow death of a budding poet
    modern literature with male creatures
    leaking human seed
    fresh sperm from criminals
    and popcorn vendors


    • the grand canyon is the greatest kitsch of the nature
      as well as nikolae ceausesku was a good piece of anthropomorphic kitsch
      but romanian women are too beautiful to talk about
      and bucharest must be a beautiful city with many galleries worth a visit
      however she must have left it in the 18th century
      way before bram stoker wrote his trashy novel
      watteau painted her as the artful girl


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