Heavens were pregnant with the flutists of Azathoth devouring a dragon once in a millennium
Later the angels used to urinate on Harappa and Babylon to chew the strings of the harps
The muses especially Calliope loved to play with rats and motel pillows
Good tea was an embittered enemy of Venetian lute music
The musicians threw the instruments into the canals stones at the listeners on the banks
Now let’s celebrate the horrors of the country we happen to live in
The freedoms of not being happy wastebaskets and dumpsters
Brimming with artistic sensibilities and rainbows and holy shit and the moon
And the smells of eternally young horses that can emanate several shadows and souls at once and


9 thoughts on “and

  1. And the ones who become certified masters of shamanism in weekend courses while Dionysian medicine courses through ancient blood vessels, hoping to reenact the old carnivalesque that got them where they are.


    • I’ve been trying to choose an ancient place to live for decades, but the other side of everything seems to fall through between Saturday and Sunday; only Naxos, the site of abandon where Dionysus used to pick whatever he pleased, looks good enough, but it isn’t an island anymore, it’s a classical music label.


  2. you’re living on the street of eternally young horses
    that seems like chemistry of the giant atomic size
    here in South Florida
    people tend to go for the petite nuclear type
    women spend thousands of dollars
    removing hairs
    and making things spic and span
    God forbid you should see the exhaust pipe
    cash money just makes it a shiny spot
    a lot of unaccustomed taste in 2017
    ( nothing worse than a re-gift on the honeymoon )


    • The songs of warehouse flies
      The size of a homemade atomic bomb
      Must follow each other seamlessly
      Especially of those perched on mick jagger’s nose
      (How much he thinks meanwhile
      Would it cost to remove hair on jupiter)
      Especially in south florida in july


      • when you write “seamlessly”
        I think of the beautiful seams on the privates
        this does not signify an endorsement for a lifestyle
        what if lust was given birth directly in Russian
        bypassing French entirely ?
        would there be unpronounceable words ?
        errors at jabbing increase not decrease
        the door stops closing and there is an aroma
        you’ve grown an American nose


  3. ——–several readers found displeasure in my saying,
    “you’ve grown an American nose”
    no measurable space for intellectual dishonesty
    as a pupil I was taught
    ” I like London”
    ” I like Paris”


  4. a zany twist to the general atmosphere of buffoonery
    I made mention that “you’ve grown an American nose”
    I never mentioned colorized eggs
    or split trousers
    or bygone relatives
    or the sacred scriptures of Robert Frost
    (famous for purchasing stolen coal from children)
    when you get hyper-depressed
    just remember, liquor is available


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