In the wake of a horror story between the eyes and heels
Of Artemis and Apollo rabbits were savoring the
Souls of the Presocratics. Animals hate squares and circles, you know.
They avoid straight lines either.
When they dance, the Pied Piper dies with all his doubts.
Crows dress like dead fish when they are happy.



5 thoughts on “(-4,762)

  1. drunk poets dress like dead fish
    when they are happy
    they use words
    that have no reminiscence
    of their original mother
    and the secret mother in fancy skin
    Ms. Grape in her best slow process


    • babylonian motherless poets wearing fish garb look at you in amazement
      they desire to hear the words that have no reminiscence
      in any language allegedly left by the destroyer of the tower
      and ea will show you thousands of abzus in return


      • I wired my robot friend on “Lost in Space”
        and it said, “motherless poets doesn’t compute”
        one might look in the Bible for virgins
        who have given birth to poets
        when it comes to corrupt intellectual habits
        one must (+) censure (+) correct
        tough questions about words
        that have no reminiscence
        regardless of what readers think
        life remains meaningless


        • your robot friend has successfully passed the turing test
          now it’s time for him to look for a virgin
          and then give birth to an unspoilt dumb poet
          you can use any 19th-century poet as a prototype
          except for baudelaire dickinson and poe of course
          those guys loved to write about meaningless life
          but readers are prone to fill everything with meaning
          what’s wrong with that


            what’s wrong with that

            gestures in the classroom painfully incomplete
            impending self-destruction and loved ones crying
            the criminal faces his crimes
            between what we imagine ourselves to be
            and what we become
            multiplemichael—multiple pretender selves
            without ever coming to a releasing understanding
            so many skins—disguise after disguise
            and you are always so polite
            rhetorical as hell
            a baby bird


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