There is always a crooked smile
Dissolved in the last page of a book,
In the moments of awakening and
Of birth. To those who have never witnessed
The fall of an empire someone dead is
Still singing in Russian about the stifling
Atmosphere of paradise. Perhaps he will
Always sing that banality.



11 thoughts on “el

    good deceit turned bad
    blood lines….family names
    more or less merged
    more or less submerged
    now your sweet old momma
    questions who rides who ?
    you had the computers lined up in a row
    being that crazy adult male
    you argued mistakes
    your eyes like an angry squirrel
    ————tell me wrong
    you think of ADELE as a chubby chick


    • I wonder how many times
      You must dupe a legion of kabbalists
      Before you upset the beauty
      Of a lopsided tetragrammaton
      And for what? Just to have a small talk
      To a guy with a grizzled beard?


      • LOYALTY
        is that the small talk you make mention of
        ——-good reason to be afraid to dive into unknown waters
        why do you forsake your attachments ?
        yet smooth them in honey
        the laws cannot control your flow
        but the neighbors suffer far worse
        their baby bird could not leave the nest


        • it’s a bad taste, i guess, to remind one of ecclesiastes but
          after you have seen one wave, you have seen them all, said nathanael west
          so where the hell have you found unknown waters
          if you are a champion of the endless flat earth theory, though,
          i am with you
          i would gladly attach myself to an island 90,000,000,000,000,000,000 miles from here


            the blue fairy from DustLand says,
            “apply that way of thinking to EDUCATION”
            a considerable number of people attain one
            why ?
            why ?
            why ?
            I am a simple ant who has no interest about how flat the Earth is
            I keep the Sabbath—-sacrificial not recreational
            rumor has it that the “unknown waters” are uphill
            Adam, Noah, and Jesus go there daily
            needless to say that their path is manicured

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            • i went to the university to avoid the draft
              and spent five years drinking beer in the pub unofficially called taiwan
              because it was situated next to the chinese embassy
              don’t ask me why
              i was an idiot and it was a pleasure
              and all the beer mugs definitely contained
              something infinitely remote from unknown waters
              (have you ever tried diluted beer?)


            • don’t you at least have any interest about how round the earth is?
              the waters above the firmament are well-known too
              just ask meister eckhart and rabbi shimon
              as above so below
              haven’t you heard this motto?


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