Shaggy rodents ceaselessly look for the urine of the stars
In the roar of the stairwells too short to be tired of
Dry black grass scratches at the shadows of hoary beings
Forgotten somewhere between the folded waves of insomnia
And puddle light can’t help cursing the sun
Let me tell you a story too short for a pillow too crumpled
And huge to be smothered with



9 thoughts on “with

  1. forgotten somewhere
    until one picks up a Rolling Stone bio
    and then one discovers that they received early fame
    by urinating in public and stairwells
    the front pages of newspapers
    had Mick Jagger pushing rats to the side
    so he could drain the dragon
    (little known fact) the smell of cat urine
    is an aphrodisiac to rats
    when it comes to cat urine
    a little goes a long way
    just think of the modern dance floor
    bodily up and down
    see-saw from front to back
    Abraham Lincoln disliked pillows
    insurance companies dislike pillows
    ever seriously smell a motel pillow ?
    —————-full of poets material
    yellow stained motel pillows
    collect the dust from a motel pillow
    sensational soup stock for a future poem
    drag the imbedded beauty out of bed
    and put it on the library shelves


    • it began with the flutists of Azathoth devouring a dragon once in a millennium
      later the angels used to urinate on Harappa and Babylon
      the Greek muses especially Calliope loved to play with rats
      but Mick Jagger and motel pillows are the bottom of our culture
      some kind of unforgettable nuisance


      • I know that it is difficult to comprehend
        the whole Mick Jagger thing
        no matter the circumstance
        he always wins
        the tallest mountain peak
        the most distant star
        the Mother of God
        so reckless with those
        who have loved you both
        everyone around you
        have become time-worn
        oppressed by poverty
        and fear
        no one doubts
        that he is a crook of sorts
        however, he is a rabbit
        and not a fox
        ****you share his tongue


        • You are talking almost like aleister crowley
          (Are you a fan of kenneth anger by any chance?)
          At all events the voice of the most distant star
          Even if we were able to hear it would
          Okay maybe i am wrong
          I have always seen them as a histrionic
          Good-vs-evil pair, mccartney and jagger
          And the only 2 pieces of the rolling stones
          I can listen to are satisfaction and paint it black
          But music is an endless twisted note in the void
          A text that consists of nothing apart from typos


  2. sorry about the old age thing
    the nurse I spoke to
    said that you’ve been having a hard time
    stay away from the bigger words, dude
    she said that you’ve become fascinated with chickens
    and I remembered that you always wanted to lay eggs
    I don’t know if it was the sensation of squeezing them out
    or the pride of having accomplished such a feat
    I’m surprised that there isn’t stricter governing at the home
    may be poets get more freedom than street vendors
    ———-anyway, hang in there, Sunshine
    if you get some stamina
    or a break from the egg scene
    would enjoy hearing from you
    ****your photo is on the mantel next to Emily Dickinson


  3. BEWARE:
    when a thing begins to taste like the sum of its parts
    Buckethead couldn’t put Humpty-dumpty back together again
    He has great resentment against anything FOWL


    • Buckethead sans bucket has no parts
      He is more whole than any whole foods customer has ever dreamed to be
      When he plays lou reed jimmy page
      Varg vikernes and buck dharma roeser just liquefy


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