As though a prophet detached from burning paper
Lets an angel ride a cow on ice:
Both don’t need the rustle of the underworld
Nor the fake of underwear, both would drink
Swallow a hat or an umbrella at once, both would
Die of AIDS and be thrown away.



11 thoughts on “Y

  1. all the people who loved Jesus
    are rising up to the sky
    but not you, Baby Bird
    you continue to stand
    on your postage stamp size speck
    greatness with limitations
    I know that you swallowed
    all that bat-crazy baptism business
    they put your little head under
    but you could still see the serpent
    in the Tree
    He can smell doubt a mile away
    divine as well as demonic
    rumor has it that you pooped rainbows


    • Those who rise up to the sky
      Tend to forget that satan holds them by the toenails
      It’s a pity you haven’t heard the stories
      Jesus told the disciples about what he saw in the silt of the jordan river
      While john contemplated that illusory dove


  2. first you were accused of hibernating
    remember all that rigmarole ?
    then the Facebook photo of a rigatoni ding-dong
    now, hipster talk about loving trees
    what next
    reading outside the Greeks ?
    of what value is a bell without a clapper ?
    God’s divine plan no longer needs a haircut


  3. as a child you would say your darkest
    and your mother would say it with you
    you could go far down
    before your nut sac
    touched the floor
    many a time
    you rubbed yourself
    with a cold spoon
    outside the grasp of Hades
    your bedroom
    a laboratory
    mistakes listed and numbered
    you got a “F” in religion
    and an “A” in science
    ****Old Testament thrown out…not forgotten


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