a madwoman gibbering in a library makes all the poets of the world
sound a little less boring than they usually do



18 thoughts on “do

      • Thank You for asking
        at the circus one can see a one-trick pony
        I’m afraid Mr. T was a one-quote pony
        I’ve been saving that quote for over 20 years
        you came along with that poem
        and wham-bam I pulled it out
        and it went to town


        • When a pony stops performing miracles in a circus,
          What exactly is it going to do?
          Am if mr. T doesn’t generate quotes anymore,
          Then perhaps he is a bank robber, a sham guru or a child molester now.


  1. as a roller coaster
    one doesn’t have to concern themselves
    with being “retired” in a seedy motel
    a lot of self-defeat in living in a seedy motel
    transient people
    many may come and go
    but you cannot move about freely
    your odyssey days are over
    a passport that expired from hunger
    no rational explanation
    words spoken without comfort
    unfulfilled promises
    truck stop rest areas


    • Didn’t rachmaninov die in a seedy motel?
      And yet he was a winner
      My american passport expires in a year
      Russian in about 4 years
      Where am i going next considering that i am drunk
      And cannot think clearly? Luna? Mars? Betelgeuse?
      Do tell me where their embassies are


  2. it wasn’t the seedy motel that killed him
    it was the collage of sounds
    he could hear distant vibrations
    the larger highway
    almost 20 miles away
    he could hear zippers
    at the gas station bathroom
    over 10 miles away
    men and women locked in their rooms
    he could hear their frustration
    people were more E. A. Poe
    than E. A. Poe was himself
    the acres of auditory terrain at the motel
    made him too aware of human queerness


  3. I spot TEDIUM on the street sometimes
    been close enough to smell it
    but real happiness is the ultimate goal
    not Hollywood happiness
    or teenage happiness
    here in Florida, Tedium is easily blistered
    you often find it indoors
    it loves cable TV
    ****Annie Leibovitz gave TEDIUM credit
    for being the #1 reason
    people smoke cigarettes


    you sketch her likeness with sweat from the glass
    caught up in “lived” reality
    tragedy has known better and worse
    readers say other than they feel
    you refused to hold hands
    all too technical
    nothing compassionate about your objections
    confusing and complicating—busy boy
    your rigid theory about her womanhood
    simple dialogue was impossible
    but not the diary entries


    • perhaps, but have any of these valentines ever reached me?
      it is not easy, you know, to remember such things
      as if you have to remember the exact coloration of a piebald beaver


  5. your valentines may drift
    in a rudderless boat
    in heavy fog
    at this very second
    hope for the best
    but rescue is very slow
    ————everywhere, fear of the Beast mark
    outside of town
    a reduction to nakedness
    cannibalism and worse
    jungle grows up to the railroad tracks
    the water not safe for baptism
    stay away from Tiberius


    • speaking of the beast
      kuban (not cuban, mind you) kossacks have recently
      erected a monument to aleister crowley
      they claim him to be the guardian angel of the kuban land


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