and more

They are traveling gifts of the feminine death,
Flippant and indomitable,
Islands in the sky full of books too tiny to read,
Flowers too small to see,
Volatile smells of earthly formidable woods,
Talking animals mocking Egyptian deities.
The important thing is to keep human feet
When you tread on dead air.



6 thoughts on “and more

    readers who enjoy reexamining and reassessing themselves
    readers who died a thousand times fighting the Old Testament Flood
    readers clothed in endless layers of petty self-interest
    you said that you were an apprentice-mechanic
    that you could work on our hearts


    • The flood should have been a terrible bore for moby dick
      He was forced to see too many terrestrial hearts at once
      Too many a floating backdoor that opens nowhere
      He was too disgusted by the conformist noah to approach the ark


  2. middle-aged men reading poetry
    making sleepy-dog noises
    that is why the baby cried
    ———you are always pushing the two arias
    from Figaro
    WHY ?
    black-smocked aging actors
    in the truck stop restroom
    alone and comfortless
    afraid of arrest
    mooring rope and anchor party
    mooring rope and anchor poetry
    still missing Lincoln


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