birds get drowned in
a ludicrous silence of how many
suns they can discover between
the cow and the shadow



5 thoughts on “shadow

  1. William Burroughs had an entire bookshelf
    of unalterable lesbians
    they were some type of quasar
    with a huge gravitational force
    skeletons of famous people littered the bottom
    clusters of luminaries
    Paul Newman nude


    • which means that he lived in vulgar luxury
      whereas his namesake edgar dreamt only of having a hardcover edition of his fiction
      what kind of place could a paperback writer have used at the time
      for his beloved skeletons?


    renunciation of certain enjoyments
    for the benefit of others
    I think back upon your first BLUSH
    you were such a level-headed lad
    when told to tie the donkey
    you tied the donkey


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