Importunate, pretty and repetitive,
The saints are going to produce
Exquisite cages for extinct animals
Till the end of time.
You can buy each one for a song.



18 thoughts on “song

  1. drinking cheap wine purchased in Tijuana
    the Poet Master with his bell
    boys and girls
    love chatter open to gossip
    total remembrance of things past
    good-sized in youth
    (Bob Fosse sausage)
    a walking Beardsley drawing


  2. your depths of impenetrability
    as if you were a Japanese Poet
    10 words or less
    “I know I’ve grown tired of you”
    and I was black-purple lilacs
    a cigar box full of coupons
    I was Onassis in your bed
    your favorite narcotic
    I was red and brown and black
    a big beautiful doll—your baby girl
    they called your bedroom
    The Peppermint Lounge
    full of deaf-mute fragments
    archaeological positions
    doggy, missionary, crocodile
    each hole more durable
    each life less lived


    • I am shy to talk about nations
      But speaking of poets you are free to ask a Japanese about penetration
      In ten words or less or even more
      You should only be careful of the rift between the past and the present no matter who you are talking to
      You know, yesterday i read a post of some politician
      From a strange, balalaika-infested country
      And noticed with extreme surprise that she used the syntax and the intonations of Emily Dickinson
      However, Emily was well protected against our cannibalistic ancestors
      She was, thank all her gods and goddesses, safe from everything
      Except for her dull contemporaries
      But a vacant soul is a perfect abode for the cannibals
      Now, Buson, Issa and Ikkyu walked with cannibals hand in hand
      They somehow managed to tame them
      I don’t know, though, if a tamed cannibal is of any use
      As to a feral one it is simply inarticulate


  3. ask a Japanese to take you to a Chinese restaurant
    please do not discuss penetration
    or use the word, “goosey”
    you will be expected to exaggerate your personality
    say that you are an acrobatic dancer
    that you work with impersonators


    names like Tina Turner
    a poet, Mayakovski
    readers never noticed
    the demoniacal possession
    the tight underwear
    the lack of underwear
    the splendors of falling in love
    the miseries of being in love
    female acrobatics
    with a sharp knife in each hand
    male apparatus vulgarities
    you refusing to sleep in a Maxfield Parrish painting
    displaying the marvels of your lower torso
    perfect beauty in the penetrator
    that which has no name


  5. a splendid joke—folk comedy with no laughter
    insurmountable odds
    self-indulgence turned your friends into circles
    living in a world without toil
    a violation of God and nature
    relatives torn to pieces
    bitter battles and sieges
    faltering attempts on the honeymoon
    no handouts, baby bird
    in America
    the Dollar Store is for the rich
    $1 food that can’t be pronounced
    starving but unwilling to face the meat
    treachery and betrayal in the grains
    used condoms washed and cornstarched


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