The Mountain View Dishwasher Society
of the Dead
is the only place where I can,
someone told me in a dream, relax.
It’s a scam for the sake of invisible giants
that relentlessly forget the beginning of a sentence
before reaching the end of it. Living in a time
devoid of zeitgeist might be both liberating and boring.
Famous child molesters, necrophiles and scatologists
bury themselves in bottomless heaven.
The shreds of tiny, bamboozled eyes float in unsavory liquids.
The eyes of the four horses and riders,
turned inside out, burn like neglected toys.


4 thoughts on “toys

    • Thank you. I am not sure i can offer a proper answer) It started with a description of a dream, then i began bending and twisting it, then forgot about it altogether, and i have no idea how i managed to write the rest. I haven’t read st. John for about 20 yrs. But i do think that we live in a time without zeitgeist. At least i can describe (or i think so) the spirit of the 90s, 80s, 70s, etc. As to our time, no, and perhaps it’s a good sign, although, alas, time hasn’t completely stopped and we are still far away from heaven on earth.


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