There was too much metal in my childhood
Empty bullet shells we dug out of the last war’s battlefields
Coins and nails flattened by train wheels
Rusty chains ugly dogs were leashed to in the yards
While their elderly owners were blathering on in the houses
The winds of funeral orchestras always playing out of tune
Hammer heads and hand saw blades
Of the carpenters that didn’t make it to heaven
If I had it now I could erect monuments
To all the idiot writers I had read back then


2 thoughts on “monuments

  1. to much metal overpowered the magnets that pulled things closer
    the invisible attraction
    – the statues moved
    – the cutlery appeared to levitate
    – space shuttles pulled out of their elliptical orbits
    – I saw gold teeth jettisoned from molars

    my skin was waterproof back then


    • That is the greatest problem of russia, man
      The statues there do move!
      Millions of lenins put their caps on
      And then immediately take them off
      And believe it or not but
      It happens synchronously
      In all the cities towns and villages
      From kaliningrad to magadan


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