unfinished churches and public restrooms are ideal places for barbershops
fish-garbed patrons usually leave them inebriated with the fine perfume of the dead
five steps away already forgetting the name of the brand dreaming about verbless novels
while the angels clutch at the hair clippings trying to figure out their characters

{from the comments on muffled}


One thought on “barbershops

  1. barber shops are the refuge for lonely men
    – talking with eyes closed –
    a few scratches on the neck is a small price to pay
    – all day spent looking at your reflection until it disappears – glint of sharp edge –
    – smell of pomade
    – staccato of uncomfortable conversation
    – discarded hair bagged and sold
    – human wigs in coldest Siberia
    – same barber for 27 years, can’t break the habit like Sundays in church with bald angels as patron saints


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